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Why Having Professionally Printed Photos is Important

When booking their session, some clients ask if there’s a package with “just the digitals.” We live in a digital age, and people are used to having thousands of photos on their phones or stored in the cloud—photos they can access anywhere and print cheaply and easily. Is it really that important to have professionally printed photos?

Yes! I am a big believer in the importance not only of printed photos, but of photos that are printed at a high-quality, professional level. That’s why I include professional-quality print products in all of my packages. Of course, as a photographer and artist, I naturally value the aesthetics of this level of photo printing. But it goes deeper than aesthetics. Here’s why I believe having professionally printed photos is so important for you and your family.

professionally printed photo of husband and pregnant wife kissing on Hawaii beach

Printed Photos Vs. Digital

First, let’s talk about why printing your photos is so important.

Printed photos…

Are Tangible Memories

There is something special about being able to touch and handle your memories in a physical form. It’s why we hang on to childhood keepsakes and items that have been handed down from older generations. They may not serve a practical purpose anymore, but they still have incredible value in connecting us with our past and our heritage.

In the same way, printed photos provide a level of intimacy that you just can’t achieve with digital. The album in your living room or the canvas on the bedroom wall are the images your children are going to remember. Those times cuddled up with your little one on the couch while you go through their baby album are irreplaceable. Physical photos carry emotional power that lasts—unlike a huge collection of images you only scroll through occasionally on your phone.

Create a Sense of Joy and Belonging

Because they carry that emotional weight, printed photos create a sense of joy when they’re displayed in your home. When children see themselves in those portraits, it reinforces their sense of belonging. When you look at them, you’re reminded of the joy you experience with your family—and those reminders are so important, because it’s sometimes easy to forget in the hubbub of everyday life. Photos bring joy and remind us what’s important.

Remind You to Savor the Moments

Having your printed photos on display prompts you to savor the moments and memories of family life. They can also serve as a wonderful reminder to keep capturing those memories! Many people find, when they look back on their digital photo collections, that there are gaps. Sometimes they’re big, like a year or event you just can’t find—lost due to a technical glitch or having forgotten to upload pictures from an old digital device. And sometimes they’re small, like not having any good photos of that brief stage when your daughter was learning to crawl.

Either way, those gaps are usually due to photos being out of sight and out of mind. When your photos are displayed, it’s easy to see how your family is growing and changing, and a reminder not to let those moments slip away without documenting them!

Digital Photos

This isn’t to say that digital photos don’t have their place. My photography packages include digital images as well as physical artwork because digital photos provide flexibility and allow for many different uses, such as easily sharing memories with others online. And of course, digital images can be a great safety net: even when you print your photos, having digital backups can give you peace of mind in the rare event that your physical prints become damaged. But if you only have digital, chances are they will just end up stored away and forgotten, instead of being visible and bringing you joy every day.

Honolulu mother cuddling infant near window

Why Professional Photo Prints are Important

Okay, so printing photos is important. But why have them professionally printed by your photographer? Why not just use your home printer or one of the many easy consumer options online or at big-box stores?


Professional printers give you an accurate color reproduction which you’re simply not going to get with most consumer printers. Photo color and quality can vary widely from one printer to the next. The last thing you want is for the beautiful images you’ve invested in to look washed-out or distractingly bright, or for skin color to appear jaundiced.

Professional photographers like myself calibrate our computer screens to the exact specifications of the printers we work with. That way we know that the prints and products our clients order will look exactly how they’ve been edited to look.


In addition to color accuracy, you want your photos to be gorgeous. After the shoot, I carefully edit your images, giving attention to every detail. This way, the focus is on you and your family, while any other elements play a supporting role. Professional printing ensures that you will get the full benefit of that detailed editing process, and that all the elements of your photos will work harmoniously to create the kind of images you’ve dreamed of.


As a professional photographer, I have access to the highest-quality professional printers. When I deliver your products, they are guaranteed for a lifetime, so you can rest assured that your prints will stand the test of time. No online printer can match the quality and craftsmanship of professional photography printers or guarantee those same lasting results.

Professional Photography

Smiling baby in floppy hat by Oahu photographer Papica Photography

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re investing in more than just someone else to take the pictures for you. You’re relying on your photographer’s talent and skill to preserve your memories in a way that captures their true beauty.

And the act of taking photos is only part of that process. The rest happens behind the scenes, in careful editing and the selection of high-quality materials to display your artwork to best advantage. Professionally printed photos are so important because these are your memories, and you want to preserve them in a way that is beautiful and will last forever!

If you’re ready to work with a photographer who places the same value on your memories that you do, I hope you’ll contact me. I would love to help you document your family’s precious moments and create personalized, heirloom artwork that can become part of your family’s legacy.


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