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  • When should I book a newborn session?
    The best time to book your newborn session is before the baby is born. Newborn photos should occur in the first two weeks after birth; this is especially true if you plan a Newborn Portrait Session. Families should book their newborn sessions during the third trimester, but it is never too early to book. Booking well in advance ensures you will get an available date during the two-week timeframe. I recommend booking your session one week past your due date, but it can be adjusted if the baby is born earlier or later. If your baby has already been born, please contact me for availability as soon as possible.
  • How many final images do I get?
    For Newborn Portrait Sessions, clients will receive 20 edited final images. Portrait sessions require moving and posing the baby while sleeping, this takes time, and I aim to take several poses, but I move at the baby’s pace. These sessions result in images displayed as art in clients’ homes for the rest of their lives and can be passed on as heirlooms when babies grow into adults. You only need a few great images to last for generations. ​ Maternity, Newborn & Family Lifestyle Sessions are about capturing the growing family dynamic. These sessions result in about 40-60 images that tell a story about this time in your family history. These images work well as storytelling albums, but of course, you can choose your favorites to make wall art as well.
  • Do I have to buy prints?
    I offer archival-quality prints and albums as part of my packages to ensure you have something ready to display after your session. All products I offer are guaranteed not to fade for 100 years; no big box printer can promise you that. Where you choose to print your photos will determine their look and quality. Photography is my artwork and livelihood, so I only deliver work and prints that I am proud of, and I know my clients will cherish forever.
  • How long do newborn sessions last?
    Newborn Portrait and Lifestyle Sessions usually last for 2 hours; this is ultimately dependant on your baby; some babies need lots of feeding, soothing, and changing while others sleep happily through an entire session. I only photograph one newborn session per day to allow as much time as possible without rushing parents or babies. The babies are in charge!
  • How long will it take for me to receive the photos from my session?
    Please allow four weeks for your images and gallery to be complete. I know my clients are excited about their pictures. Waiting is hard, but several hours of editing time go into every session; therefore, an instant turnaround time is impossible. But, it will be worth the wait, I promise.
  • Can you come to our home for the session?
    Yes, all newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home; this is for the convenience of the new family. Please do not worry about your home after giving birth; I understand life is crazy during those first few weeks. I only need a small space to set up for Newborn Portrait Sessions and one or two rooms for Newborn Lifestyle Sessions, and they do not need to be spotless!
  • Do you have a studio?
    I do not currently have a studio, but I dream of opening one in the future! For now, being a mobile photographer allows me to keep my pricing competitive for my clients.
  • What if my baby won’t sleep?
    It’s ok if the baby won’t sleep. If the baby is happy, I can still take beautiful photos. We might need to reschedule if the baby is very fussy and crying despite our best attempts to soothe them. However, I want my clients to have beautiful images and a great experience, so rescheduling is not an issue.
  • Can I include Grandma in a Lifestyle Session?
    Yes! We can do a photo with grandma or grandpa, but the focus will be on the parents and their new baby or children. Lifestyle sessions are intimate and deeply personal, so only one or two additional family members are recommended.
  • Can you do this pose/background I saw in other photos?
    My goal is to create images you love, and I welcome ideas. Still, I prioritize the safety and comfort of every baby over getting the baby into any specific pose. I only use natural poses that I know most babies are comfortable in. I always “listen” to what makes the baby happy, and each session is unique because each baby is unique! Newborns are already cute, and I don’t believe excessive posing or props are needed to create a beautiful image.
  • Do you have props?
    I provide beautiful nature-inspired props and backdrops in the colors you prefer. Please see my Newborn Portrait Portfolio for the types of images you can expect during your session. I use natural baskets, blankets, and botanical props in my pictures, nothing too extravagant or distracting. My work emphasizes how beautiful your baby is, not the stuff in the background!
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