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What Inspires Me as a Photographer

I’ll be honest, choosing photography as a career is a little scary sometimes! With all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, plus the sometimes stressful experience of building a business, there are days when it is a challenge. But that’s true of just about everything worth doing! Despite the challenges, I wouldn’t trade my career for anything. Photography is so rewarding! Here is a little more about me so you can get to know me better and understand why I LOVE creating memories for your family. This is what inspires me as a photographer!

Mother holding baby near window

Inspired by Babies

A love of babies isn’t a prerequisite for being a newborn photographer—but it should be! I believe there is nothing more beautiful or precious on this earth than a baby. Infants are incredible little beings. They completely transform your life, and the depth of love you have for them is indescribable. That love between a parent and their new baby is endlessly beautiful and inspiring to me, and it’s also the original reason I started my business. I wanted to capture that love, that magic of welcoming a new life into the world for as many families as I could. There is nothing more remarkable!

When talking to moms, I often describe newborn photography as a gift to your future self. Any mom with grown (or growing) kiddos knows how true this is! As moms, we love our children at every age. But there is something so special about those first days. Suddenly there is another tiny human in your life that you love so deeply and so profoundly it brings tears to your eyes. Your heart expands to a size you never thought was possible before. The world stops. Moments like this are all that matter, and you want to relive them over and over again. And with newborn photography, you can.

Inspired by Children

As magical as babyhood is, the adventure doesn’t stop there! In fact, it just gets better. I won’t pretend it isn’t a little sad when you realize that your baby isn’t a baby anymore, but one of my favorite things about watching children grow is seeing how their personalities develop and blossom. I love to capture that for my clients! Every child is unique, and as a parent you have a front row seat to all the little details that make them one of a kind. From the way they give you hugs to what catches their attention at the beach, no child is the same. And every child is beautiful! Those little details—the unique, wonderful person that is your child—are the things I want to capture, not a fake cheesy smile!

This is one of the reasons I love doing family photos either at home or outdoors. It’s so much easier for kids to feel relaxed in their own environment, and kids also love being outside and exploring as well. I give children lots of opportunities to run and play throughout my sessions so they don’t get bored or restless. Seeing their zest for life and the way they embrace themselves exactly as they are is a wonderful reminder to find joy and see the wonder all around.

Father and son playing in the water on beach in Hawaii

Inspired by Pregnancy

As a mom of three myself, I know pregnancy isn’t always an easy thing. But I also know that it is such a gift to look back and remember that feeling of having a baby in your belly. And being able to show each of your children what you looked like while they were still inside you is a beautiful part of your legacy of love as a mother. Pregnancy is a remarkable time in your life, and becoming a mother is an amazing experience. The process your body is going through—the power it has to bring a new life into the world—never ceases to amaze me.

I also love seeing the relationship between couples when I capture maternity photos. Every pregnancy is unforgettable, and growing a new life is the start of a new chapter for both of you. Maternity photos are a way to preserve this extraordinary time. It’s about capturing that precious belly, that sense of wonder, and your love as a couple that started it all.

Pregnant couple strolling along a beach in Hawaii

Inspired by Love

Most importantly, what inspires me as a photographer is love. Ultimately, that is what I want to capture and preserve for you and your family. That is why I get up every morning, grab my camera, and get to work. Because being a photographer is about so much more than photography, or even art. It’s about memories, emotions, the heart and soul of life.

My clients often write to me saying my photographs brought tears to their eyes. For me, that is the goal! That’s when I know that we’ve made something beautiful together, something that captures love and reflects it back at you.

And that process should be easy. I believe that to create beautiful, authentic portraits, you have to create a beautiful, authentic, and relaxed environment in which to capture them. From all-inclusive pricing (nothing is more disappointing and stressful than realizing you paid for a session but no photos) to a seamless session flow that allows you to be your true self, I am here to make gorgeous family photos an effortless experience.

Mother holding son on sandy beach and kissing him

Inspired by YOU!

If you really want to know what inspires me as a photographer, look in the mirror! The family, the relationships, the love…they only exist because of you. I am endlessly inspired by the families I photograph. I am honored to capture memories in one of the most beautiful places on earth. And I don’t just mean Hawaii. I mean your home, your safe haven, the emotional space you’ve carved out for your family. If you’re ready to capture the unique love and incredible creation that is you and your family, I hope you’ll reach out to me today. Thank you for trusting me with your memories!


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