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Product Highlight: Personal Mobile Application

If you’ve done much exploring on my site (or read the last couple of blog posts about wall art and professional albums), you’ve probably figured out that I am all about physical products. And in many ways, that’s true! I love providing my clients with tangible memories, and I make sure to include some type of craftsmanship-quality, physical artwork in each and every one of my photo packages. I want you to be able to touch and hold your finished images, display them in your home, and make them a part of your family’s legacy. To me, photos are such an important part of your family’s story. They deserve to be looked at, handed down, and shared.

But that doesn’t mean that I believe physical artwork is the only way to go. In many ways digital photos can be more flexible than a print or album, precisely because they don’t take up physical space, aren’t as liable to damage or loss, and can be easily shared. (You can read more about the difference between printed and digital photos, and the importance of having both, in January’s blog post.) This is why all of my packages also come with digital images. Digital images are a great safety net, giving you peace of mind in the rare event that a physical photo is lost or damaged. And just as important, digital photos are easy to share with loved ones no matter where they live.

Which is why I am proud to also include a non-tangible product, your personal Papica Photography mobile application, with every one of my sessions.

Product Highlight: Personal Mobile Application

Your Personal Photo App

Your personal app includes all the photos from your session, like a digital album that can be kept forever. This is different from your private online gallery, which expires after 90 days. With the mobile app, you don’t need to stress about choosing pictures within a certain time frame, or worry about losing access to your images. With the app, these truly are your forever memories.

I believe that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to photos, so your personal photo app is designed with easy sharing in mind. Your digital album can be shared via text with anyone in the world so they can have their own copy of your photos. (This will be loved by every member of your family, but it is a particular favorite with grandparents!) The people you share your digital album with will receive a link to download the photos from your client gallery as well, so they can have photos of their grandbabies or other loved ones to keep and print.

To recap, here is a quick breakdown of the benefits of the Papica Photography personal mobile application:

Benefits of the Papica Photography Personal Mobile Application

Newborn and family session gallery displayed on personal mobile app

  • Never expires – Unlike your online gallery, which only lasts so long, the app gives you access to digital copies of every single one of your photos…forever!

  • Easy access to your photos – No keeping those gorgeous images stored away in some remote corner of your hard drive. The app means that your photos—and the memories that come with them—are always right there at your fingertips.

  • Easy sharing option – It’s not just that it’s easy to whip out your phone and show your photos to friends and family when you get together. (Although it is!) The photos in your digital album can be shared with anyone in the world—all it takes is a quick text. There’s no faster or easier way to share the love from your session.

  • Free! While many photographers charge extra for a mobile app add-on, or only include mobile apps in certain packages, I want every one of my clients to be able to enjoy the benefits of having a digital, mobile version of their precious memories. This is your personal photo app, and it’s included in every session.

The Papica Photography Personal Mobile Application is the perfect way to share your photo experience with others and feel peace of mind, knowing that you will never lose the images from our time together.

Other Papica Photography Products

If you love the flexibility of digital but also want artwork you can display in your home, know that both options are included in every package. You’ll be able to choose between wall art or an album—or you can book the full experience to receive the ultimate combination of a professionally designed album and archival quality wall art. Just click on Services in the menu above and select the type of session you’re interested in to see the different package options.

Meet Your Photographer

Aloha, I’m Antonia! I’m so glad you stopped by my little island on the web. As your photographer, my goal is to help you remember and hold on to the best moments in your life. I am so honored to be able to capture the love of so many amazing families. Family love is truly the essence of life, and it is endlessly rewarding to help people capture irreplaceable memories in a way that is artistic, natural, and relaxed.

I am a mobile photographer, which means that our sessions together will take place either in the comfort of your own home or in one of the many gorgeous outdoor locations that Oahu has to offer. With my signature style, I will gently guide your family to create candid, joyful images, and document those sweet interactions that happen naturally as you enjoy time with one another.

After your session, I will carefully curate and edit your images to give you a collection of the very best. You’ll be able to keep every one of these images in your mobile app, plus choose your favorites to create a personalized work of art based on your chosen package.

I know how precious each and every family is, and it is truly my pleasure to document your family’s journey. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to helping you tell your story with gorgeous photos and artwork—both physical and digital!


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