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4 Reasons to Hire a Photographer on Vacation

Most people think about hiring a photographer for specific events in their lives, like the arrival of a new baby, Christmas, or a wedding. But there’s one type of event that is all about making memories, yet very few people think to invest in professional photography when planning for it: A vacation!

A family vacation is an exciting time in your life. You plan for it, save for it, and dream about it. You want it to be special and memorable. But too often, when it’s over and you are back at home, you only have lackluster photos to remember your epic trip.

If you want your vacation photos to truly reflect your amazing vacation experience, then hiring a photographer to capture your family while on vacation is the best money you can spend during your trip. Here are four reasons why.

Mother and daughters on vacation in Hawaii

1 . Quality

Even if you have a great artistic eye, there is no doubt that the quality of a professional photographers’ photos will blow anything you can take on your phone out of the water. Why?

Because when you hire a professional, you get their high-end camera equipment and editing skills, as well as their years of experience. Professional photographers have spent years honing their craft, and have the talent, equipment, and skill to capture unique moments with unforgettable photos. You will love looking back and reminiscing on your vacation even more when the photos not only accurately capture your experience, but are beautiful and artistic as well.

Hawaii vacation photographer, family on Oahu beach

2. Stress Free

If you think it will be easier to just take your vacation photos yourself, think again. One of the problems with taking your own vacation pictures is that you have to interrupt memories in order to capture them. You also have to remove yourself from the activity in order to document it with your camera, which means you’ll be missing from the picture. (And while selfies are fun to have on your phone, let’s face it, you’re not going to frame one and display it on your wall.)

One of the reasons to hire a photographer on vacation is that you can continue to enjoy every moment of the experience without worrying about capturing it. You can just relax and have fun, knowing your photographer will take care of all of that for you. And you don’t have to miss out on being part of those final, precious images!

3. Shareable

We all want to share our memories with the people we care about. But too often, “Let me show you the pictures from my trip,” is followed by an hour of blurry phone images that fail to capture the real highlights of the vacation. Hiring a professional ensures that instead, you’ll have a curated collection of gorgeous images that showcase all the best parts of your vacation.

And of course, if you want to use your photos to display in your home or perhaps create holiday cards, hiring a professional also takes away the pressure of taking perfect shots. You can rest easy, knowing you will end up with a great collection of images that you can be proud to display in an album, or use for home décor, cards, or gifts.

4. Memories

You will never forget your vacation, but having beautiful, high-quality photos that capture this special time in your family history is truly priceless. And having professional pictures means you can pass those memories on, perhaps to family members who are very young and may not remember the vacation clearly in a few years, so that they continue to be part of your family’s legacy. The best reason to hire a photographer on vacation is that it’s a way to make your vacation last forever!

reasons to hire a photographer on vacation, husband and wife standing under palm tree

Your Hawaii Vacation Photographer

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. If you are planning to take your dream vacation on Oahu, I would love to capture those memories for you!

Why Choose Papica Photography?


My home base is in Honolulu, but I am currently a mobile photographer, which means my business model is perfectly adapted to travel. I’m used to packing up all the equipment we’ll need and coming to you—whether for an in-home newborn lifestyle session or to capture family photos on the beach.

Fun and Family Friendly

My style is laidback and relaxed—which makes it the perfect fit for stress-free vacation photos. During the shoot, my goal for you and your family is to have fun, relax, and enjoy this special experience! Just think about spending time together as a family and reflect on this moment in your life. Please don’t worry about looking picture perfect. You already are and it’s my job (and my pleasure!) to show you exactly that. Because I want your photo experience to be just as fun as your vacation, I’m happy to give children lots of opportunities to run and play so they don’t get bored or restless. Making memories and capturing memories go hand in hand, and they should both be enjoyable for the whole family.

Local Expertise

Because I’m lucky enough to live on Oahu, I know all the best places for photoshoots and I’m happy to provide recommendations. I also suggest scheduling your outdoor session during sunrise. This is one of my secrets to getting photos that not only have beautiful lighting, but are free from distractions, since Hawaii’s beaches get busy very quickly. Trust me, it will be worth getting up a little earlier (even on vacation) to have a relaxing photo experience and pictures that absolutely glow.

Check out my Family Photography page for more information about pricing, and to scroll through my gallery of genuine, natural family photos on the beautiful island of Oahu. My pricing is all-inclusive, so what you see is what you get. No hidden costs or session fees. I can’t wait to see you and your family and document those special memories of your dream vacation!


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