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Why Newborn Photography is the Best Baby Shower Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a new or expecting mother? As you’re shopping for gifts or scrolling through the baby registry, there’s plenty to catch the eye. It’s hard to resist those adorable newborn clothes or stuffed animals that go perfectly with the nursery theme. And if you’re a parent yourself, you may also be eyeing more practical options like sheets for the crib or a roomy diaper bag. While these make wonderful presents, the truth is that new parents will receive dozens of toys and clothes from friends and family. So many, in fact, that they may not even have a chance to use all the gifts they receive. After all, babies outgrow things in the blink of an eye! One thing that won’t get worn out or outgrown though, (and that you’re guaranteed not have duplicates of!) is a newborn photo session. Newborn photography is the BEST baby shower gift! Here’s why:

1. Newborn Photos Last Forever

No matter how thoughtful, cute, or practical a tangible gift is, it will eventually have served its purpose and no longer be of use. Baby pictures, on the other hand, capture memories that will last a lifetime—and beyond. Photos are something we cherish and then pass on to the next generation, linking our family memories together through the years. At Papica Photography, I know that the photos on our walls can and should become heirlooms, which is why the products I offer are designed to stand the test of time. You’ll be able to choose archival-quality wall art and albums as part of your newborn photography package so that the new parents can have not just a digital gallery, but beautiful art to enjoy and display in their home.

Newborn Photography Session
In-Home Newborn Photography Session

2. Newborn Photography Combines Experience and Memories with a Beautiful Product

We all love unwrapping a present, but there’s something extra special about a gift that also gives an experience and helps us create memories. That’s why experience gifts are so popular! They give the gift of anticipation beforehand, as the recipient looks forward to doing something new and different; the fun of the experience itself; and great memories to look back on. Plus, since my packages include artwork, the new parents will have the fun of unwrapping their finished album or wall art just a few short weeks after their newborn session. It truly is the best of both worlds.

3. Professional Newborn Photos Make a Great Surprise Gift!

Another reason newborn photography is the best baby shower gift is because it’s usually completely unexpected! Newborn photography is a gift any parent would LOVE, but they might not include it on their baby shower registry. If you’re looking for something unique and different, gifting a newborn photo session is an excellent choice. It is also likely to be the only gift the new parents will keep for the rest of their lives, as their session will capture their new baby beautifully and forever!

How to Gift a Newborn Photography Experience as a Baby Shower Gift

Newborn photography is an investment, but I offer ways to make it easier to give this exceptional gift. I allow multiple payments to be made over time, so we can work out a payment plan if that is a more practical option for you than paying the full cost upfront. The cost of the photography experience can also be split among several family members or a group of friends, making this gift more affordable and allowing multiple people to be involved in giving this particularly thoughtful, from-the-heart gift.

There are also several ways gift cards can be used. For example, new parents might choose to use the certificate to offset their session cost or purchase printed products. I know that the ability to customize is important for these types of gifts, so the cost of the certificate can be used towards any of my services and products. (For example, an expecting mom who has already budgeted for newborn pictures might choose to use part of their gift towards a maternity session before baby arrives.) However the recipient chooses to use their certificate, it will undoubtedly be their most cherished gift from their baby shower!

If you’re interested in purchasing a photography session gift card, you can find them here on my website. They’re easy to gift to new parents directly through their email, and come in a variety of designs so you can choose one to match the occasion. Gift cards can be purchased in any amount from $25 to $2000, so you can select an amount that fits your budget (or that of your group, if gifting jointly). Be sure to check out my lifestyle newborn and fine art newborn photography package options to learn more.

About Papica Photography

Aloha, I’m Antonia! Thanks for stopping by my little island on the web! At Papica Photography, I focus on creating natural, artistic images for Oahu’s growing families. I know how intense the newborn days can be, so my goal is to make the experience stress-free and relaxing. New parents don’t have to worry about a thing. No need to pack up and head to the studio—I travel to my newborn families and bring everything we’ll need to capture those precious, beautiful memories. All mom and dad have to do is love on their baby.

There is nothing more incredible than that connection between parent and child, and that’s what I’ll preserve for you during your newborn photography session. That feeling of holding your infant in your arms, looking deep into their eyes, listening to their sweet sounds and breathing in that new baby smell. That connection is the essence of life and I am endlessly inspired by the beautiful families of Honolulu as I spend time in their homes, capturing their irreplaceable family memories. I would love to do the same for you. Feel free to get in touch to book your session or simply ask questions. I am always happy to help!


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